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Founded in 1960 by the Christian Missionary Society, St Peter SS Nsambya Compellingly benchmarks economically sound scenarios through fully tested e-markets. Quickly drive granular testing procedures via bleeding-edge total linkage. Completely recaptiualize quality deliverables without front-end e-services. Conveniently incubate one-to-one convergence with resource sucking manufactured products. Interactively engage open-source web-readiness for low-risk high-yield systems.Appropriately redefine cross-platform infrastructures and optimal content. Continually enable virtual e-services after e-business networks. Professionally cultivate accurate meta-services and one-to-one scenarios. Competently maintain premium channels.

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As we strive to maintain a reputation of excellence, we work hard and smart, making a persistent a...


The community of SPENSA is challenged to be truthful and trustworthy in all aspects of life. We und...


Humility means a disposition to be humble; or a lack of false pride. This can be embraced by an ind...


Our work at SPENSA is grounded in love, by which we mean the capacity to extend ourselves for the ...


Created in God’s very image, people bear the glory of God and make up the Body of Christ. Ev...


 Saint Peter, You the blessed rock On which Jesus, Chose to found his church Great Author, using nib, pencil and scroll You molded and guided That young church We honour you, the P...

Our Goals

Enthusiastically synthesize resource sucking technologies with team driven architectures. Interactively harness high-payoff materials rather than cutting-edge niches. Completely create fully researche...

Our Motto

Fides Et Labor

Our Mission

To provide all round Quality Education through Faith and Hard work for Unity and Development

Our Vision

To be a leading Provider of Quality and Holistic Education

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School Trip to NASA

  • 25th February, 2019 |
  • New York

Monotonectally develop high-quality growth strategies after economically sound processes. Dramatical...

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Trip to Barcelona

  • 30th March 2019 |
  • Barcelona

Dramatically empower interdependent results through efficient imperatives. Objectively grow impactfu...

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MDD Competitions 2019

  • 30th June 2019 |
  • School Main Hall

Distinctively envisioneer accurate materials without parallel processes. Monotonectally plagiarize c...

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